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By their very nature, refurbishment projects will not always adhere to predetermined architectural and design information. We have for a long time recognised that creative building can provide the answer to the design conundrums this often creates.

We have therefore evolved as a building company with a strong empathy for design using our own in-house architects to help coordinate the design and address issues when they occur. In a number of cases this has enabled our clients to limit the need to design out a scheme in advance of commencing the work preferring to contribute the cost to their fit out budget.

We strongly recommend to all our clients that our collaboration with the client’s design team starts as early as possible in the design process to ensure we can contribute to budget savings and the build ability of the project. More particularly this helps:

  • To ensure there is continuity of design with contractor input as well as design team input from the very beginning of the process.
  • To pre-empt any build-ability issues that if left could result in additional costs and delays on site.
  • To progressively cost assess the project design ensuring it adheres to the client’s budget at every stage.
  • To offer alternative solutions to mitigate costs.
  • To provide 800 GROUP with a greater understanding of what is required by the client.